National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools
Friday, 15th Jan 2021
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About us

NAPPS.. nurturing for National Development

NAPPS Nasarawa Chapter is the State chapter of National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools.

It is an association of Proprietors of Private School officially registered in Nigeria. Nasarawa State Chapter was officialy launched in 2002. The cardinal objective of NAPPS is to nuture and uphold quality of education in Nigeria

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To provide a forum for proprietors to share views and information designed to promote solidarity cooperation, peace and understanding among themselves.
  2. To help raise and maintain the standard of education at the pre-primary, primary and post-primary schools levels as parts including exchange of drama, sports, crafts, seminars, and other related educational activities.
  3. To help instill discipline among private pre-primary, primary and secondary schools in the State and Nigeria at large.
  4. To work in close relationship with the State Ministry of Education to achieve the objective for which the association is established.
  5. Note: School here means pre-primary, primary, and post-primary schools.

  6. To serve as private schools proprietors, mouthpiece on internal and external matters.
  7. To promote, protect and develop all matters affecting education industry particularly in Nasarawa State and Nigeria in general by all lawful means.
  8. To collect and disseminate statistical and information affecting the afore said interest.
  9. To promote, support or oppose any legislation or other measures affecting education industry in Nasarawa State and Nigeria ingeneral.
  10. To subscribe to and promote the aims and objectivesof any society or association having objectives similar to all or anyof the objectives of the Association and to encourage and support any society, Association or movement for the improvement of education industry
  11. To purchase, take on lease or in exchange hire or otherwise acquire any real or personal property, and any right or privileges, which the association may think necessary or convenient, for any of the purpose of the association.
  12. To sell, improve, manage, lease mortgage, dispose of, and turn to account or otherwise deal with any part of the property promotion of its interest.
  13. To print and publish any Newspaper, periodicals, and books or leaflet that the association may think desirable for the promotion of its interest.
  14. To do other thing that are incidental or conducive for the attainment of the aforesaid objectives, provided that the Associationshall not support with its funds or endeavor to impose on or procure to be observed by its members any activities likely to make the association a trade union.

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Mrs. Charity D.S Manzuche
NAPPS President
Nasarawa State Chapter

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The New Phase of Nasarawa NAPPS website is launched...01-03-2015
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