National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools
Friday, 15th Jan 2021
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NAPPS.. nurturing for National Development

Any Proprietor seeking to become a Member of NAPPS should certify the following as stated in the NAPPS Constitution.


  1. Membership of the Association shall be open to Proprietors/Proprietress of established pre-primary, primary and Secondary schools in Nasarawa State, regardless of Nationality, sex, language reunion orcreed.
  2. Every new member shall pay the stipulated amount ofregistration fee and Termly dues as prevalent at the time of registration.
  3. Provision of article IV (A and B) above not withstanding only those paying proprietor(s) whose school has been properly registered, inspected and approved by the State Ministry shall be eligible tohold any executive post in the Association. All other may vote but cannot be voted for.
  4. Except for any cogent reason of permanent or personal incapacitation every registered member shall attend all meetings. Representatives shall not be allowed.
  5. A board member of Voluntary/mission School nominated by the board to represent them at NAPPS meeting would be accepted as a proprietor in all our meetings.

Mrs. Charity D.S Manzuche
NAPPS President
Nasarawa State Chapter

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