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Friday, 15th Jan 2021
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School Management System

Save the headache, switch on School Management System.

School Management System is a turnkey solution that streamline and automate almost every aspect of School Administration for Primary schools, Secondary and Colleges.

The Key features include;

School Administration System: This module streamline the management of school holistically.
It provides proprietors with the capacity to be in control and pilot every affair of the school at finger touch. From Admission to Human Resource, Expenditures, Audit and the least administrative task, we get you covered. The benefit you enjoy includes reducing stress and losses, excellent and efficient management, maximizing productivity and growth of your dear school.

Parent Portal: This module takes care of parents and guardian that admit their kids and wards in your school. The closer the better. How well you rapport and coordinate the parents reflects in your school progress and growth. Engage the parents with parents portal and they will help you build your school.
From messaging, complaint management, support solicitation, PTA coordination to the least thing to do with parents this solution get you covered.

Result Management System: This module is like wow for parents and thrilling to students. Result management system streamline and automate result processing, storage and usability. Result management system reduces to almost zero the huge stress and resources incurred in compiling and serving results.

Once setup, student results will be accessible over the internet and they can access their result any where in the world. You can now process your exam result faster and better. One good thing is that parents can have access to their kid result anytime around the globe.

It is self sustaining through the sale of scratch card which is required for checking result online.

The modern society is dawn on us and we need to just embrace it. Life is good with technology.

Let you and your school start enjoying the dividends of Technology... please request proposal - Enter your OMIN to Request Proposal

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Mrs. Charity D.S Manzuche
NAPPS President
Nasarawa State Chapter

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School Management System
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